Enabling Gender Education

Sahas envisions for knowledge building of adolescents around gender, sexuality and reproductive health thereby, work towards capacity building of adolescents to challenge experiences of gender based violence in the form of child sexual abuse.

Our Approach

“According to a 2007 study by the Indian Government of nearly 12,500 children from across India, 53% of children - boys and girls equally - were victims of sexual abuse.”

Most of the children don’t know what is happening to them when someone who may be their relative, an elderly person, someone they trust or unknown touches them inappropriately. This also highlights a major gap in our existing education system where there are no safe sharing spaces for adolescents where they can talk various aspects of growing up.


We have created a gender, sexuality and reproductive health curriculum focusing on the dimension of identity, puberty, menstrual health, peer pressure, sex, love, relationship, sexuality, gender and child sexual abuse. With this curriculum, we engage with adolescents through interactive and activity based workshops and build conversations around the taboo-ed topics like menstruation, body changes during puberty, sex, pregnancy, desires and sexual identities.



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यौनिकता की समझ से पहचान बनाती महिलाएं :-)

‘क्या सहमति और आनंद एक ही सिक्के के दो पहलू है?’ ‘पहले मुझे लगा कि मुझे जबरदस्ती समूह का हिस्सा बनाया गया है, लेकिन जैसे जैसे मैं मीटिंग का हिस्सा बनती गई तो मुझे समझ में आया कि ये मेरे लिए ही जरुरी