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Sahas is a not for profit organization that works with a vision to create a world that is free from gender based violence. Sahas was intiated after some years of experience of facilitating safe sharing spaces where young people shared child sexual abuse as their first experience of violence. There's alarming survey and newspaper reports that indicates the gravity of the issue of child sexual abuse. We felt that to engage in solutionizing the problem of gender based violence; we will have to start intervening at the stage of adolescence. Therefore, we started Sahas with a vision to provide knowledge building of adolescents on gender, sexuality and reproductive health thereby, building their capacity to challenge experience of gender based violence.

As we know the urgency to sensitize all sections of society on issues of gender and sexuality to challenge gender based violence; we do gender training with young people through our project, UnGender. Our work with adolescents reflected the need to work with parents so, that they get safe sharing space at home to have conversations on issues on gender and sexuality. We engage in activism by participating in gender campaigns. We have been working with women through 'Kadam Mila Kar Chalna Hoga' to create a women circle where they support each other in the situations of violence.