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I Love MY BODY    Event Date: 9/23/2017

Excited to share that we are co-hosting an event, "I Love My Body" this Saturday, 23rd September from 12pm-3pm at Kunzum Travel Café,Hauz Khas,New Delhi :) We are looking to co-create a safe sharing workshop space with young people of all genders to come together and talk about their fears, questions and curiosities around their bodies. We take up "Body Image" as an important thematic in our "Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Health" curriculum with adolescents based on the idea that perceptions about one's body has implications on an individual's physical, emotional and mental well being. So, we thought it will be an interesting endevour to engage in these conversations with young people. Its an open and free event. To register go to the link below- https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLScpnzoFOhcxcNY2bS…/viewform

Place:   Kumzum Travel Cafe, Hauz Khas, New Delhi