Gender, Sexuality And Reproductive Health Curriculum

We have created a gender, sexuality and reproductive health curriculum focusing on the dimension of identity, puberty, menstrual health, peer pressure, sex, love, relationship, sexuality, gender and child sexual abuse. With this curriculum, we engage with adolescents through interactive and activity based workshops and build conversations around the taboo-ed topics like menstruation, body changes during puberty, sex, pregnancy, desires and sexual identities.

We co-create safe sharing spaces where both girls and boys sit together and engage in activities, discussion around different themes as we believe that gender identities co-exist in the world. Sahas strongly believes in keeping the knowledge alive and implementing the same in the real life, so based on the journey, learning’s, curiosity to learn and support the other participants, we elect Gender Leaders/friends and their respective groups for the sustainability of the change. We have worked with 60 adoloscents in 3 slum communities in Delhi.