1. Online Volunteer

  • Intensively engage on our various online platforms- Facebook, Twitter in terms of reading and sharing articles on gender based violence experiences of adoloscents.
  • Research
  • Writing blogs on the gender issues

2. Onground Volunteer

Engages with the field work specifically in terms of implementation of 30 hour curriculum with adolescents. This includes community visits, observing the workshops, handling logistics and interaction with the participants.

3. Impact Volunteer

Work towards designing impact interviews, administering interviews and bringing out case studies: stories of change.

4. Photography Volunteer

  • a) Engage with Sahas in terms of capturing moments during workshops, events and programs in form of photos and videos
  • b) technically sound, should be able to use softwares like photoshop, corel-draw so as to improve quality and communication of photos
  • c) full capacity editor who can shoot video clips of (including clip labeling and clip organizing),edit by creating assembly cuts and final cuts, sound edit by working with audio files (either spoken word or music) to perform basic sound mixing for final cuts, create effects (provide basic color grading and simple animations), manage and inventory video files, and deliver videos that are properly formatted for final web deployment.

5. Design Volunteer

Research, co-create and innovate workshop modules

6. Facilitator Volunteer

Engages in facilitation of workshops and events.