Testimonials from the participants of our workshops and events

Participant, 1st intervention at My Perch “I have never thought about who I am? And nobody talks about it. I got to know more about myself through these activities. It feels good”

Participant, 1st intervention at My Perch "Why are girls not allowed to go out? Boys are allowed to play outside and if girls play till late as they are scolded by parents. Now, i know why this happens so i can tell my parents"

Participant, 2nd intervention at ASRA "I will fold a cotton cloth and give it to my mother when she has her periods and doesn't have a pad. Also i will tell her to take rest and help her in household work"

Participant, 3rd intervention at Choti Si Khushi "The session on periods was most helpful for me as i didn't knew if all girls get period or not. I was prepared for myself. Also i felt no hesitation talking about it"

Volunteer, Choti Si khush "I was telling my friend that more than the girls; I have learned a lot from the workshops. I no more need to worry about my daughter as she knows everything"