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Sahas envisions to work towards co-creating a world free from gender based violence.


Sahas envisions for knowledge building of adolescents around gender, sexuality and reproductive health thereby, working towards capacity building of adolescents to challenge experiences of gender based violence in the form of child sexual abuse. We engage in this gender work through a holistic curriculum where we work on issues at the physical level (puberty), psychological (identity, peer pressure, body image) and social (gender, gender based violence, menstruation) level.

We envision working with parents to build their capacity where they can have the “language” to talk about issues of gender and sexuality with their children and provide safe sharing space at home.

We work with young people with objectives of building their knowledge on issues of gender and sexuality and capacity building as “Gender Trainers” thereby, actively doing gender work in their life. We specifically engage in knowledge building of adolescents and young people on diverse gender and sexual identities with a perspective of breaking judgments and building empathy towards the same.

We have been part of feminist movements by organizing events like #IWillgoout and One Billion Rising (Dwarka Chapter, New Delhi).

We envision knowledge building of women from various communities on understanding “gender” and “violence” thereby, building their capacity to challenge gender based violence by supporting each other.