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Gender, Sexuality And Reproductive Health Curriculum

We have created a gender, sexuality and reproductive health curriculum focusing on the dimension of identity, puberty, menstrual health,

Workshops With Parents

Sahas envision working with parents to train them to have the “language” to talk about Gender and Sexuality with their children and provide safe sharing space for their children at home.

Ungender With Youth

Sahas engages with the young people with twin objectives-- one, to build their knowledge on issues of gender and sexuality. Secondly, to build their capacity as “Gender Trainers” to help

Gender Campaigns

Sahas co-creates events and programs with organizations which aims to curb or take action against Gender based violence.

Kadam Milakar Chalna Hoga

Under this program; we organize film screenings and dicussions with the community women on the issues of gender and sexuality.

Sharing the stories

We write and share stories, reflections and experiences from our on ground work, our lives, media – movies, articles or....