Vidhyabhawan, Udaipur (August’2018)

We have created a 2 day long ‘Gender sensitization and capacity building’ curriculum for teachers which encourages them to reflect on the role of gender in their lives, understand gender issues in their community, recognizing the need of gender and sexuality education for adolescents and building their capacity to incorporate their learning to co-create gender inclusive and safe classrooms for their students.

Vidhyabhawan, Udaipur (August’2018) – Sahas collaborated with pioneer educational institution Vidhyabhawan in Udaipur, Rajasthan to implement the gender sensitization and capacity building program on 35 B.Ed. students.

‘”There are so many restrictions on girls at every step of life. We are asked to do Government jobs so that there is a set life whereby we can earn money and also take care of household. I wanted to become mountaineer but look here I am studying B.Ed.”

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