Campaigns and Activism

16 Days of Activism (25th Nov -10th Dec 2019) :

Voices of Women : We created a discourse by bringing in the voices of women from different cities and states of India about their personal experiences and perspective on violence and gender discrimination that they experience on daily basis living in their respective city or village. This included collaboration with various organizations CREA and their community partners, Sahyogi NGO working in the remote corners of India including tribal areas of Jharkhand, Bihar along with organizations that work in urban areas of Delhi, Noida and Mumbai.

Voices of Women
Step Out at Night

Step Out at Night : We participated in #StepOutAtNight, an incredible 2 day street festival organized at the pedestrianized Ajmal Khan Road market in Karol Bagh, New Delhi  with an aim to encourage women to reclaim the streets and debunk the major stereotype that women shouldn’t be out late in night. Wall painting, street theatre, cultural performance – Qaawali, games like tug of war, snakes and ladder etc made the whole experience so interesting and enjoyable! This event was organized by UN women India along with various civil society organizations.

Sharing Space for Women : We co-created a sharing space for 25 women from Barola community, Noida in where we invited women to share their experiences of gender based violence, engaged on pain and hope of being women and finally closing the session with the dreams on 1st December 2019.

Sharing Space for Women
Street Play by Adolescents
Here Me Too

Street play by adolescent participants: We co-created a discourse on gender discrimination and violence in Barola community, Noida. The participants performed street play on the gender stereotypes, discrimination and gender based violence by bringing out the root cause of the same. They performed at three different locations in the community, attracting the attention of young and old in spite of the fact that their first performance was interrupted by an old woman. It was beautiful to see these young ones reclaiming public spaces to voice out against gender based violence! This video is also available on our various social media platforms.

16 Days of Activism (25th Nov -10th Dec 2018) :

Hear Me too : With the theme of #HearMeToo, we at Sahas ran an online campaign as part of 16 days of Activism which included sharing the real life narratives of women from villages of Baghpat which gives insights of the gendered realities that these women are facing and negotiating in everyday life. As the world roared with the cries of #Metoo, our campaign attempted to bring out the voices of invisible women who don’t have access to basic amenities of life let alone digital media.

#Meet to sleep (16 December 2017) :  “Meet to Sleep” campaign was organized on 16th December 2017 by Blank Noise in solidarity of 16 December, the day when Nirbhaya, 22 years old physiotherapist was brutally raped in New Delhi in 2012. Sahas engaged in this campaign as a partner organization from Dwarka, Delhi where 25 women came, slept in the park and had conversation around women reclaiming public spaces.

#One Billion Rising, Dwarka (12th February 2017) : Organized at Maxfort School, Dwarka, One Billion Rising event brought together 22 organizations working on various social issues in Dwarka, Delhi to raise voice against Gender based violence. Keeping in mind the intention of this campaign, we engaged with the parents, young people and children on Gender and sexuality through experiential stall.

#I Will Go Out (January 2017) : To stand in solidarity with the survivors of sexual assault in Bengaluru on New Year’s Eve, to challenge the rudimentary mindsets that restricts and confines women to the home and to fight Gender based violence, Sahas along with 16 organizations from Dwarka (New Delhi) came forward to host campaign #IWillgoout in the month of January 2017.

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