Government Schools, Naoshera Tehsil in Jammu (April’ 2018)

Government Schools, Naoshera Tehsil in Jammu (April’ 2018) – Sahas collaborated with Naoshera Brigade, Jammu to implement ‘Gender sensitization and capacity building workshop’ for the 45 teachers of Rural Government schools, Naoshera.

Challenging the societal norms

“I am coming from Gurudwara, I had to give speech there, so for 15 minutes I engaged with the people on gender discrimination. You won’t believe men and women were sitting together unlike other situations where they sit in different rows”

Siddharth International School and St. Kabir’s School, Hisar (May’2018)

Siddharth International School and St. Kabir’s School, Hisar (May’2018) – Sahas collaborated with the two International Schools in Hisar, Haryana to implement the gender sensitization and capacity building program on 30 teachers

Incorporating sexuality education in respective subjects

We can use chemistry to explain gender and sexual identity. Assuming that elements are say male and female- then through chemical reaction could be correlated to sex and the compound that is formed is the child (intercourse) and reaction between same elements can be related to homosexuals. Also an atom has protons, electrons and neutrons- they can also be used to explain gender”

Vidhyabhawan, Udaipur (August’2018)

We have created a 2 day long ‘Gender sensitization and capacity building’ curriculum for teachers which encourages them to reflect on the role of gender in their lives, understand gender issues in their community, recognizing the need of gender and sexuality education for adolescents and building their capacity to incorporate their learning to co-create gender inclusive and safe classrooms for their students.

Vidhyabhawan, Udaipur (August’2018) – Sahas collaborated with pioneer educational institution Vidhyabhawan in Udaipur, Rajasthan to implement the gender sensitization and capacity building program on 35 B.Ed. students.

‘”There are so many restrictions on girls at every step of life. We are asked to do Government jobs so that there is a set life whereby we can earn money and also take care of household. I wanted to become mountaineer but look here I am studying B.Ed.”

My Perch, Barola community, Noida

My Perch, Barola community, Noida (August-September’2019): As part of our long term collaboration with My Perch, a community based organization in Noida, the program was implemented on 23 adolescent boys and girls.

Role Play during session on Sexuality
Session on Periods : Do you know what I am holding?

A boy goes to propose a girl, she refuses and he gets disheartened. On the other hand this girl likes another girl and they share intimate moments in the school. The boy complains about their behavior to the Principal. The way Principal addresses the girl while respecting and acknowledging her sexuality was interesting. If only our older generation has 10% of this compassion and understanding no one would have to struggle to find comfort in the society.

Government School, Mohan Garden, Dwarka

Government School, Mohan Garden, Dwarka (August-September 2019): The gender program was implemented on the first group of 60 adolescents studying in class 8th B as part of our collaboration with the Government School.

A discussion on changes in boys during puberty

“The people who are not girl or boy- who are they? How do we identify them? We have few kids in our school who are like that. I just want to understand how it is possible?” a question asked by adolescent participant during session on gender.

Senior Secondary All Boys Government School

Senior Secondary All Boys Government School, Dwarka Sec-3 (July-August 2019): As part of our long term collaboration with Government School, Dwarka sec-3, we implemented gender program on the third group of 38 adolescents studying in class 8th C.

Who is this? Boy? Girl? or who?

Participant: I was going to my home, and then a girl who was dressed in very tight clothes and was wearing makeup came to me and offered sex for me! I don’t like them! Why would anyone do this? It’s not a good thing. Can’t they do something else, something respectful?

This sharing led to the discussion on sex work and the taboos around it.