My Perch, Barola community, Noida

My Perch, Barola community, Noida (August-September’2019): As part of our long term collaboration with My Perch, a community based organization in Noida, the program was implemented on 23 adolescent boys and girls. Role Play during session on Sexuality A boy goes to propose a girl, she refuses and he gets disheartened. On the other handContinue reading “My Perch, Barola community, Noida”

Government School, Mohan Garden, Dwarka

Government School, Mohan Garden, Dwarka (August-September 2019): The gender program was implemented on the first group of 60 adolescents studying in class 8th B as part of our collaboration with the Government School. “The people who are not girl or boy- who are they? How do we identify them? We have few kids in ourContinue reading “Government School, Mohan Garden, Dwarka”

Senior Secondary All Boys Government School

Senior Secondary All Boys Government School, Dwarka Sec-3 (July-August 2019): As part of our long term collaboration with Government School, Dwarka sec-3, we implemented gender program on the third group of 38 adolescents studying in class 8th C. Participant: I was going to my home, and then a girl who was dressed in very tightContinue reading “Senior Secondary All Boys Government School”