Police is the first authority that victims of any form of gender based violence approaches to seek justice however they often criticized for their insensitive approach especially towards the victims of sexual assault/ domestic violence. These programs are created with an objective to sensitize Police personnel on gender issues and encourage them to address issues and complaints with a gender sensitive perspective.

Bhopal Police (November 2019) : Sahas collaborated with Madhya Pradesh Police Academy for implementation of 2 day gender sensitization and capacity building program on 25 Police trainees. This is a very crucial intervention because these participants will be posted as CSP in different districts of Madhya Pradesh leading the respective police stations.

How to challenge Gender Based Violence?

“Mam, I just want to make one thing very clear. People here are graduates, post graduates and have cleared PCS and some of them are PhD’s, if all this education hasn’t made them gender sensitive then you or any other person can’t change their mindsets however you wish to try”

Ujjain Police (February2018) : Sahas in collaboration with Ujjain Police to implement gender sensitization and capacity building program for the first time on 50 Police trainees.

Police as social actors

“I didn’t know previously so I used to force and convince my wife to have sex with me, but I promise from now on I would ask for her consent. Also my wife is pregnant, whatever may be the gender of the child, I would ensure they get equal opportunity in terms of education, the way they want to lead their life or even marriage” shares one of the participants


Founded in 2016 with a vision to create a world that is free from gender based violence.

Founders – Mona Yadav & Purvi Yadav

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