Our Work

We work with Adolescents, their parents, teachers, women groups and police officers as they all have the potential to be an impact through the position of authority they hold either to the lives of adolescents or the people of society in general.


Adolescence is the most sensitive age for children as they go through lots of physical, emotional and hormonal changes. It is imperative that they become curious about these changes and seek for answers through various sources available in their environment. Also, at this age they are most vulnerable to make impulsive decisions based on the information they acquire from the unreliable sources in their environment. It is therefore important to intervene at this age and provide them the freedom to ask questions and get reliable answers for their queries to help them deal with all the changes they are going through in a balanced and efficient manner.

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Parents are the most trusted and reliable figures for children. We work with parents to help them retain this position of trust and reliability in the minds of their children through their adolescence. We facilitate them to reflect into their own lives to understand the issues related to gender and sexuality. We provide them with the necessary tools and the language they can use with their children to create a safe space at their homes for conversations on these issues. This will help address the curiosity of children around these issues in a safe environment with their parents.

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Teachers are not just the second most trusted figures for children after their parents but they also have a position of authority to bring about an impact in their collective behavior. They can become strong agents to develop a sensible and responsible attitude for gender and sexuality issues. We work with teachers to help them create a safe environment for the children to learn and understand the physical changes they go through during their puberty and to impart a sense of responsibility in children for gender and sex related issues.

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Women are one of the participants (usually the victims) in any act of gender based discrimination or gender based violence. And yet, they are usually the perpetuators of various societal practices leading to gender based violence. We engage with women to help them understand and identify the presence of gender based violence in their lives and raise their voices against the violence to protect from the atrocities involved in gender based violence. We also work to impart them with the responsibility to prevent the relay of unhealthy social practices (promoting the gender based violence) to their forthcoming generations.

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Police hold one of the strongest positions of authority for citizens. We work with police to impart gender sensitization through our capacity building program. We help to enable them for implementation of a sensible and responsible conduct around gender and sex related issues in the society and in their own families. We aim to have their full conviction against gender based violence and their contribution as leaders of the society to curb the devastating practices resulting in gender based violence in fulfilling our vision to have a world free from gender based violence.

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Founded in 2016 with a vision to create a world that is free from gender based violence.

Founders – Mona Yadav & Purvi Yadav

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