Our Journey

Sahas foundation has been working on the issues of gender, gender based violence, sexuality and reproductive health since year 2016.

In the words of Mona Yadav who co-founded Sahas, “It was in 2012 when the infamous “Nirbhaya rape case” in New Delhi happened. For the first time in my 23 years of life; that there was something that triggered me at a personal level, felt disturbed and didn’t wanted to live in a dismal world where a young girl was gang raped.  I was scared that – What would happen if I or any other girl in this world experiences such a horrific experience? Can I do anything to stop this? Can I work towards building a safer world for everyone? Can I do something to prevent gender based violence? With this disturbance, anger, sadness in my heart; the first thing that I did was participate in the protest march to seek justice for the victim.. After this powerful experience of being a space of activism; I actually wanted to work towards finding a solution for the problem of gender based violence. With courage and passion in my heart; I decided to start, Sahas to work towards knowledge building of adolescents on Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Health thereby, building their capacity to prevent experiences of gender based violence in the form of child sexual abuse.”


Founded in 2016 with a vision to create a world that is free from gender based violence.

Founders – Mona Yadav & Purvi Yadav

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