Online Gender Workshops

Sahas has designed online programs on Gender, sexuality, reproductive health and mental health for Adolescents, Teachers, Parents and Young people. To participate, collaborate or organize these workshops in your school or institutions; reach out to us at

Gender, sexuality and reproductive health program for adolescents : We have developed online program for adolescent students that aims to build their understanding on the issues of adolescence, sex education, gender, sexuality and child sexual abuse. This program was implemented on 100 students from Government School, Dwarka and Barola community, Noida.

“What I loved most about this session was that no one was forced to do anything, it’s the way the activities were designed that brought comfort to the participants so that they could ask questions without feeling judged or ashamed. I feel confident and can talk about body changes to others as well”– Adolescent Participant.

Sexuality education program for Teachers: This program engages with the teachers to build their understanding on gender and sexuality issues and support them with tools to build gender inclusive classrooms. We implemented this program with the teachers of Government school, Dwarka and NGOs

Drawing is not just an art but a tool…a tool that could be a language, an instrument of social change. Students love to draw, and have fun. Most of the time, I ask them to draw something but they draw erotica. I am sure I can use drawing to talk about any topic around sexuality. ” – Teacher participant

Sexuality education program for Parents: The parents of pre-teen and adolescent children can equip themselves with the knowledge and language to engage on the issues of puberty, gender, sexuality and child sexual abuse to build gender inclusive environment. Sahas has also designed one to one session for parents based on their need and engagement.

‘I totally trust my daughter not to see bad stuff on internet and TV. However I am very curious to know what she does on internet as she spends lot of time there.’ – enquired a parent

Mental health workshops: We have designed sessions for adolescent and young people to understand mental health, challenge stigma around it and build better coping mechanism to when faced with crisis.

What I learnt from this workshop is what to do when I am not feeling okay or sad. I used to very confused, didn’t know what to do but now if I am upset, I know how to process it or what can work for me” – 13 year old participant

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