Our curriculum for adolescents is designed to cover several aspects related to gender, sexuality and reproductive health and is divided into 10 sessions of (2 hours each) usually conducted over a span of 1 month.

The curriculum is designed to engage with adolescents and intervene at 4 different levels, that are – Individual, Physical, Physiological, and Social. During its month long interaction, it focuses at several dimensions such as identity, puberty, menstrual health, sex education, gender, sexuality and gender based violence.

The curriculum is facilitated by tools such as animation films, mind-mapping activities, group activities, sharing reflections in pairs and co-creating safe sharing spaces for each other with values of listening, empathy and community building.

Sahas’s Model of Intervention

Individual – seeing oneself as an individual with an acceptance of our own identity.

Physical- Puberty, physical body changes- development of primary and secondary sexual   organs, Menstruation, Sex education.

Psychological– Understanding Identity, positive identity and self-esteem, love and relationships.

Social– Gender and Gender based violence in the form of child sexual abuse.

Components of Intervention

Counseling support- Sahas provides counseling support to the participants; they can discuss and seek support individually, in groups or with their parents.

Sharing stories- Sahas has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page where we regularly update stories, reflections and perspectives around the gender work we engage in.

Impact assessment of the intervention- We have designed an assessment tool so as to map out the learning’s and understanding of various topics by adolescents on which we engage with them.

Field visits: Sahas conducts field visits on regular basis to the communities where gender, sexuality and reproductive curriculum has already been implemented.


Founded in 2016 with a vision to create a world that is free from gender based violence.

Founders – Mona Yadav & Purvi Yadav

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