Research Work

We are proud to have our contributions in the research community on the subjects of Gender, Sexuality and Gender based violence.

2nd International Conference on Gender and Sexuality 2019, Bangkok, Thailand (3rd-4th October 2019) :

We presented our gender work with women in Baghpat, India at 2nd International Conference on gender and sexuality 2019. The presentation brought out the narratives of rural women around gender based violence with an emphasis on giving agency to them by providing adequate knowledge and understanding so that they can stand for themselves and say No to Violence.

2nd International conference on Future of Women, Colombo (14th -15th February 2019) :

We presented research paper on our gender work at Sahas with adolescents for the first time in the 2nd International Future of Women Conference held at Colombo 14-15th Feb 2019.  We are proud to be awarded as ‘Best session presenter’ for the session on gender based violence and ‘Best overall Presenter and Best student’ for the conference.


Founded in 2016 with a vision to create a world that is free from gender based violence.

Founders – Mona Yadav & Purvi Yadav

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