Mona Yadav is a PhD in Education Studies. She co-founded Sahas in 2016 with a vision to create a world free from gender based violence. She designs and facilitates workshops on gender, sexuality and reproductive health with adolescents, parents, teachers and young people. She was selected as a Dalai Lama Fellow in 2017 that enabled her to learn leadership based on the values of love, compassion, interdependence and mindfulness. Through her work at Sahas and PhD, she is passionately applying the main purpose of education which is to bring social change. The gender work and her research experiences have enabled her to resolve the gap between education and practice. In her spare time, she loves solo travelling, music, coffee and cafes.


Purvi Yadav, co-founded Sahas in 2016 with the vision to create a world free of gender based violence. She is a TEDx speaker. Her curiosity to write and passion in journalism inspired her to work in the media industry for 5 years. Though she had been constantly amazed by the opportunity to create and communicate news, but experienced lack of sensitivity, fair and responsible journalism especially concerning the reporting of rape, and other forms of gender based violence. This led her to depart from Journalism and began the journey of social change by establishing Sahas Foundation. Purvi, designs and facilitates gender sensitization programs with adolescents, young people, women and Police. She runs her independent blog  that captures the stories on the experiences with gender, sexuality and reproductive health issues..


Virendra Singh, secretary and administration in charge at Sahas is retired Army Personnel who has served 30 years at Army Education Corps. He actively engages in collaborations and providing infrastructural support in public events organized by Sahas.


Sarla Yadav, co-leads the awareness and capacity building programs for women on reproductive health and challenging gender based violence. Pained by the dismal reality, lack of knowledge and resources for reproductive health for girls and women in Village Khushipura, she played a key role in initiating gender intervention in the Village. With strong communication skills, she actively engages in the mobilization of the participants, co-facilitation and logistics arrangement.


Akriti engaged with Sahas as volunteer for gender intervention with self-help groups in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. During her graduation in MIET, Meerut, she worked for “Parivartan” – a college run NGO with the objective to improve education and general awareness amongst children and adults in a near by village, “Nangla”. Thereafter she pursued her post-graduation in Management from IIM Lucknow. Currently, she is working in ICICI Bank, Mumbai and is a constant support to Sahas. She also volunteers to develop and manage the website for Sahas.


Raaj is the graphic designer at Sahas, creating innovative and creative posters for our programs and campaigns. He loves to play guitar, sing and paint. He was also part of mobilization and creative team for our work during COVID-19. Student of Fine Arts, he loves playing guitar, painting and traveling. He aspires to become an artist and guitarist. 


Shishir Kumar Singh is the photographer at Sahas. He completed his Master’s in Environment Science and Technology from Banaras Hindu University and Bachelor’s in Life Sciences from University of Delhi. He was an active member of Vatavaran and known for the student‟s mobilization action in Banaras Hindu University against a proposed 1320 MW Thermal Power Plant which led 550 students unitedly sending a petition to Government of India in March 2014.



Uvinie Lubecki is the founder and CEO of Leading Through Connection, an organization advancing compassionate leadership. It was in 2017 when our co-founder, Mona Yadav was selected for the Dalai Lama fellowship leadership program where Uvinie was her coach. She mentored her work at Sahas in terms of visioning, reflecting on her inner values and integrating them into the gender work. We are very grateful that she has been our coach since them and continually supports our work.



All Boys Sr. Sec. Govt. School, Dwarka Sec – 3, New Delhi
Baghpat District Administration, Uttar Pradesh

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